Contractor Account Management

Another item I’m releasing in the coming days is a tool for managers to handle contractor accounts around our policies for these accounts. Managers can extend (modify end date) accounts, reassign to another manager, request new accounts, or disable accounts. They can also filter the accounts by clicking different segments of the donut chart. Here is a view of the add request form (clicking Add).

Server Dashboard

Clicking on any of the donut (doughnut) charts will bring up a separate page providing a table of the items and some of these have actions that can be performed. Here is an example of the VM Snapshot Status with an action to delete a snapshot.

Azure and IoT

I use it to ingest Azure storage account services. Things like interacting with blobs, queues and tables when I need to debug the backend of an app. Also, I use it as a command and control GUI for a fleet of IoT nodes.

Storage, Active Directory and Networking

We are using it for some automation and reporting
1.Creating group CIFS-Shares
2.Edit Access to group CIFS-Shares
3.Report size and usage of group and personal CIFS-Shares
4.Report provisioning and usage of NetApp Volumes
5.Report provisoning and usage NetApp aggregates
6.Creating Administrative Accounts
7.Creating Group-Mailboxes
8.Edit Access to Group-Mailboxes
9.Creating AD-Groups to controll Access to AD joined Linux-Servers
10.Report deleted AD Computer-Objects
11.Creating Access to a physics calculation cluster (Creates user on the system, creates a specified share on storage cluster, add new account to AD-groups)
12.Creating and editing AD Objects for telefony environment
13.Find free network ports by requesting REST-API of PRTG